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TNSC Press for 2013


♦ Our Science Across Virtual Institutes (SAVI) Supplement award recipients are:

  1. Thora Tenbrink (Bangor) will visit Holly Taylor (Tufts),
  2. Mehul Bhatt (Bremen) will visit Helen Couclelis (UCSB),
  3. Alexia Galati (Cyprus) will visit SILC-Temple,
  4. Amy Pace (UCSD/SDSU) will visit Gergely Csibra (Central European University, Budapest) and
  5. Peii Chen (Kessler Foundation) will visit Hans-Otto Karnath (Tubingen).

(Posted January 31, 2013)

TNSC Press for 2012


♦ Fischer, Kim (November 8, 2012). Spatial cognition researchers will connect through grant-funded virtual institute. SILC receives a Science Across Virtual Institutes (SAVI) grant from the National Science Foundation to create the Thematic Network in Spatial Cognition. Retrieved November 13, 2012.   Open .pdf document